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The RMA network of IVF clinics provides outstanding clinical care and achieves high success rates through its commitment to scientific investigation, clinical innovation and medical professionalism.

PCOS and Fertility

PCOS is an abbreviation for poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. There are, however, no true "cysts" in the ovaries at all. One of the network's IVF doctors explains it all.

In vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF centers, clinics and laboratories part of the RMA network combine patient centered care with state of the art technology to make IVF and related procedures highly successful.


At the Reproductive Medicine Associates Network, IVF clinics are linked up to provide patients with increased geographical access to top quality infertility care. The network facilitates the sharing of research breakthroughs and other innovations to help individuals and couples realize their dream of parenthood.

At IVF centers, clinics and laboratories that are part of the RMA network, patients can find the right care and technology to help make their dream a success. Whether it is through fertility medications, inseminations, in vitro fertilization or surgical procedures, patients can trust the IVF doctors associated with the network.


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RMA Offers WINFertility Program

Press Release: RMA of New York Now Participating in the WINFertility® Direct-to-Consumer IVF Program
WINFertility patients gain access to discounted, packaged IVF treatment and medications for infertility care.

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Dr. Copperman featured on CBS

Dr. Copperman explains in his interview that it is not necessarily the incidence of infertility in women that is increasing, but that it is more socially acceptable now to seek help for any medical condition, including infertility. He also explains how there are many successful paths available to couples today to help them build their families.

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